Virus Removal            

Those pesky worms!!

Computer viruses tend to grab our attention.  On the one hand, viruses show us how vulnerable we are.  A properly engineered virus can have an amazing effect on the worldwide Internet.  On the other hand, they show how sophisticated and interconnected human beings have become.

For example, experts estimate that the Mydoom worm infected approximately a quarter-million computers in a single day in January 2004. (Times Online).  Back in March 1999, the Melissa Virus was so powerful that it forced Microsoft and a number of other very large companies to completely turn off their Email systems until the virus could be contained.  The I Love You virus in 2000 had a similarly devestating effect.  That's pretty impressive when you consider that the Melissa and I Love You viruses are incredibly simple!


How to select the right virus protection?

What is the top windows antivirus? What about Macintosh antivirus protection? What features are important? Choosing the right antivirus software can seem like a daunting task, but it can be simpler than it seems.

Detection is the most important criteria.
The 2003 Antivirus Software Review Process provides a walkthrough of extensive test results from, focusing on 31 products and narrowing them down to 7 top picks for Windows antivirus. These results are not applicable to Macintosh Antivirus users. Instead, see Top Macintosh Antivirus..

The antivirus software you choose should be based on your system and your unique needs.
Testimonials and recommendations are great. But just because your friend of neighbor loves or hates Antivirus Product X, doesn't mean you necessarily should (or should not) heed their advice. First, check out the tips in Before you buy Antivirus Software, because one size definitely does not fit all.